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Hydrapak Reversible Reservoir II Hydration System

Tough SkinHydrapak Reservoirs are made from super-tough, FDA approved thermoplastic polyurethane, the same stuff used for whitewater rafts and firehose liners. It stays flexible in a wide range of temperatures, is puncture and abrasion resistant and can stretch up to eight times its original length without failing.Can’t Taste ThisA high flow drink tube is made of super pure FDA approved thermoplastic polyurethane.Easy On Easy OffFold once and slide to seal. The Reversible II is the fastest, easiest and most secure hydration system closure yet. A high-strength, molded clip clamps shut a reinforced reservoir top for a foolproof and completely watertight seal.Bite ItThe EasyFlo bite valve is soft and easy to operate. Bite Harder, you get more water. A simple, one-handed shut-off lets you lock it closed for transport.Cut the CordThe Plug-N-Play connector lets you detach the drink tube with the push of a button, even when the reservoir is full.Clip ItClip your reservoir into your Hydrapak using the side release buckle, or any other pack with the standard clip.Clean MachineThere’s no easier-cleaning drink system. Turns inside out in a flash to clean and dry. Fungus, mold and microbes don’t stand a chance.System contains: Reversible Reservoir II, 36″ Drink Tube, 90deg. Bite Valve, Quickdraw Tube Attachment, Plug-N-Play Connector, and Straight Bite Valve Base.