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Palisades Hiking Dog Backpack

Palisades Hiking Dog Backpack. We started with our best-selling Web Master Harness, and added a rugged, multi-featured, detatchable saddle bag system for the ultimate backcountry pack. Built for use in rugged conditions on multi-day backpacking trips when extra carrying capacity is needed. Integrated water bladders keep your dog hydrated in dry conditions. Each bladder (2 total) holds 1 liter of water. Its recommended that your dog carry no more than 25 – 30% of their body weight in their dog pack. KEY FEATURES Removable saddlebags Hydration bladders (2 bladders, each with 1L capacity) Load compression Balanced assistance handle helps lift dog up and over obstacles Space-efficient saddlebags with lightweight, streamlined, go-fast shape Weight-forward saddlebag design for ideal load-carrying position Trail-savvy details like waterproof zippers, high-visibility reflective trim, and external gear loops INTENDED USE Multi-day adventures when extra carrying capacity is needed Dry conditions where hydration is important Extended backcountry trips SIZES: Measure around the widest part of the dogs rib cage. Dimensions: SM: 21-30″ MD: 26-36″ LG: 32-48″