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Ribzwear 2011 Front Pack Forest Green

The RIBZ front pack is made of 210d water resistant ripstop nylon. The front pack weighs approx. 9 oz. All components are water resistant and have proven durability in the most extreme of conditions. With an average storage capacity between 600 and 800 cubic inches, you can comfortably carry up to 10 pounds in the front packs. The use of a front pack repositions a portion of your weight forward which reduces your overall shoulder stress and increases comfort, mobility and balance. A front pack also creates the illusion of carrying a lighter load. Though the RIBZ front pack was designed with ultralight backpacking intentions, any outdoor activity where easy access of equipment is critical is where it proves beneficial. RIBZ front pack can be used alone as a vest but is primarily designed to work with your existing backpack as increased functionality.